Tyler Farr's 'Hello Goodbye' lyrics are autobiographical -- that's just one reason the single was one of the most added tunes at country radio this month. The tune definitely hits home with the country music audience. Farr co-wrote the tune with Kris Bergsnes and Skip Black, and it is the singer's follow-up release to his debut hit, 'Hot Mess.' Both tunes will be found on his forthcoming debut album.

"I was simply ecstatic when I found out that they wanted this to be the next single," Farr tells Taste of Country of 'Hello Goodbye.' "You have different feelings about different songs. This one, from the moment I wrote this, I knew there was something about it, and that’s because it was real."

"I caught my ex-girlfriend in the wrong driveway at the wrong time of night… and they weren’t playing Jenga," Farr continues, explaining how the lyrics came to be. "I try to be funny… I tell people they were playing naked Twister. I don’t know if they were or not, but she shouldn’t have been there. To make a long story short, she cheated on me. I dated this girl for a long time. I was just devastated. The next day, I walked in and [told my co-writers], ‘If you don’t want to write a sad song, you might as well walk out that door because that’s all I got in me' [laughs]. A lot of writers say God writes the song; I just hold the pencil … literally, that is how that song came about."

"I told myself a thousand times it wouldn't end like this / But here I am standing at the door with no more walls to hit / I didn't notice it was over til it was too late / All the tears are cried and it's time to walk away," they wrote in the opening 'Hello Goodbye' lyrics.

"It was very natural and came out great," says Farr. "Skip and Kris were great. They did most of the song… I just sat there and poured my heart out to them."

"So Hello suitcase, hello pictures on the floor / Hello heartache, Hello slamming doors / Hello Silverado running in the drive / Hello freedom, hello goodbye," they wrote in the first chorus to the heart-wrenching song.

"I think people have responded to it because it’s so real," notes Farr. "It’s just so special to me. I’m very proud of how the song turned out on the album. I always had a feeling that it’s going to be something. It was meant to be for a reason. I think it’s one of the strongest songs on the album. Hopefully in a year from now after this interview, I was right [laughs]! You never know; I’m just really excited about this song. It gets the biggest response out of any song when I play it live, and it’s a ballad. I think people can relate. Fans can see through fakeness and when artists aren’t being themselves."

He adds, "That’s why it’s very important for artists to be themselves and be real. That song is nothing but real, so I’m excited about it. Hopefully we’ll be in good shape by next year."

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