Until the Yellowstone Season 1 finale, the Dutton family patriarch's resentment of his second born was curious at best. He accused Jamie of acting selfishly for wanting to advance his own career even as viewers saw evidence of the opposite. John, it often seemed, only wanted his kids to work for his gain, and he'd conveniently couch that desire as a request for them to work toward their inheritance.

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After Ep. 9, the elder Dutton has a strong case for mistreating Jamie. It's the focus of this week's episode of the Yellowstone podcast, Dutton Rules.

In the closing scenes, Jamie and his campaign manager / girlfriend Christina choose to speak with Sarah, a reporter who'd hidden herself in the campaign office under a different name for several weeks. She reveals herself and tells the pair they can be part of her story, or subjects of it.

The episode closes with him beginning to share all of the Dutton family secrets. This moment is his river Rubicon.

“I realized something," he tells the reporter. "The only way to protect my father’s legacy is to destroy the man.”

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Adison Haager and Billy Dukes break down several key plot points from the Season 1 finale, including Monica's sudden regret, the Sheriff's ulterior motives and Beth Dutton's emotional meltdown (plus that kiss with Walker!).

Longtime fans may have watched close when Avery entered the bunkhouse. As Season 4 closes, she reveals something to Kayce that was long forgotten by that point. Did she really go gaga for the young Duttton when she first laid eyes on him?

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