Over the weekend, Food Network fans who tuned into Guy Fieri's hit cooking show 'Guy's Big Bite' were in for an extra treat. Cooking along side Fieri for the 30-minute episode was Chef Rusty Hamlin, best known as the traveling chef who creates the menus on the road for the Zac Brown Band's eat-n-greets.

While cooking with Fieri, the two food lovers whipped up some amazing eats, including Stout braised short ribs with barley, roasted acorn squash with mushrooms, peppers and goat cheese, and pretzel beer brittle.

Between the banter and laughs, the two chefs spoke of Hamlin's culinary background and Atkins Park Tavern -- Atlanta's oldest tavern, located 30 miles north of downtown in Smyrna, Ga. -- of which Chef Rusty is a part owner. Chef Rusty got his start there prior to linking up with the Zac Brown Band as their full-time executive chef, which has him on the road over 200 days a year.

Fans who have been fortunate enough to experience the Zac Brown Band's extravagant eat-n-greets on the road can now purchase some of Brown's signature cooking items used for the feast. Brown has made his special Georgia Clay Rub and Southern Ground Grub Brown Sauce available on the road as well as through the band's official website. Items can be purchased individually or in special bundles, some of which include their Southern Ground Cookbook.

If you missed Hamlin's appearance on 'Guy's Big Bite,' you can still get a taste of it by trying out the recipe below.

Pretzel Beer Brittle Recipe

1 Stout beer
3 cups granulated sugar
vanilla extract
3 tablespoons light corn syrup
broken pretzels

Dissolve the sugar and beer in a small saucepan. Add in vanilla and corn syrup. Bring to a light boil until the temperature reaches 305 degrees. Spread broken pretzels and peanuts over a baking sheet lined with parchment paper. Carefully pour mixture over broken pretzels and peanuts. Set aside until cool and completely hardened. Break brittle with fingers and serve.