New lessons, new songs and new perspective: three things Kip Moore talks about during this round of 3 Tough Questions. The "She's Mine" singer's interview with Taste of Country ended with a few candid thoughts on the music industry, faith and a song from his album that he calls his most personal song ever.

Moore talked to Taste of Country at the ToC studios in Nashville, just before Christmas 2019. Watch his more playful interview with Taste of Country Nights above.

Question 1: What did you learn about yourself and the music industry in 2019?

You learn more and more what a business it is the more you’re in it. You start to realize that you’re, you know, kind of a number in the machine a lot of times. Doesn’t mean that there aren’t people that care about you, that are pulling for you.

You learn that the industry that gets super clouded by everything that’s shiny and new all the time. It’s always the next big thing and it’s very like — people think they know what’s going on, but they’re not in the real world or the real mix of what’s happening. So they think if somebody is having hits or this and that, they’re successful, which isn’t always the case. It doesn’t mean it’s sticking with people.

I even had someone ask me the other day that’s in the business, ‘Where have you been?’ I’m like, 'I’ve just been selling shows out everywhere we go,' but it’s like, because they feel like they haven’t heard me enough on radio, they think — you learn that people are very focused on the new shiny toy and it’s always the next thing. And I think that’s just kind of our culture now.

Question 2: What determines your personal happiness?  

To be honest, my faith. When I’m disconnected from that I get unhappy.

Question 3: What is the most important song from your next album?

“Paying Hard.” It’s possibly the single most personal song I’ve ever written. I think that it’s a very direct mirror on what I was feeling during this specific time of my life of writing this record, when I was completely wiped in every facet, having a lot of questions in my head, wondering if I’d done things the wrong way. I’ve always been so consumed with this because I love it so much that I end up neglecting things that are important to me in my life. And I’m starting to find balance and understand that I don’t know if I’m willing to do that anymore.

Bonus: What artist in or out of country music is inspiring you?

I really, really love Nathaniel Rateliff. I really like that guy a lot. That’s just the first thing that comes to my mind. There’s a lot of artists that I love right now that — I even love Ingrid Andress a lot. Love that song. When I first heard it, it kind of stopped me in my tracks, her single right now ("More Hearts Than Mine"). But I would say I really dig what Nathaniel Rateliff is doing.

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