Congratulations are in order for country newcomer Adam Doleac and his fiancée, MacKinnon Morrissey.

After almost five years of dating, the "Whiskey's Fine" singer, 33, popped the question to Morrissey, 29, on Feb. 9 at the renowned Franklin Theatre in Franklin, Tenn. How it happened was very much a fairytale made possible by Doleac and their loved ones.

"I was definitely feeling a little nervous waiting on her to get to the theater, but the best kind of nervous," the singer tells People. "I had been planning this night for months. I was just so excited, and she couldn't have walked through those doors fast enough."

"To be honest, I can barely remember what I said," he adds. "I had something prepared, but as soon as I saw her, that all went out the window. I do remember what she said though — yes! Three times."

Doleac had tapped on Morrissey’s friends to schedule a supposed girl’s night out with her to watch her favorite movie, The Parent Trap.

Morrissey was well kept in the dark before the big surprise. The market manager for the Home Edit thought Doleac was out for a work dinner and that it was going to be a fun night with her girlfriends. Lo and behold, upon arriving at the theater, she saw her future husband down on one knee with a ring, surrounded by family and friends.

"I absolutely freaked out and blacked out a little bit, and then said yes three times. So needless to say I was very excited,” shares Morrissey.

“I had zero clue — he had me 100 percent fooled. His proposal was truly the most romantic, thoughtful, fun, special night I could have imagined. It was perfect. I just feel so lucky to have been loved and celebrated like that,” she adds with delight.

While the whole surprise went smoothly, it almost didn’t when Morrissey arrived at the theater 10 minutes earlier than Doleac expected. Not about to let a little booze ruin his plans, he tossed the Miller High Life he was sipping on in the lobby and got ready for the life-changing night.

"I wasn't the only one that got caught off guard in the lobby — her dad and cousin Doug did, as well," he says. "If you look at the photos of the proposal, you'll see the concession stand in the background, and behind that concession stand, hiding, are her dad and Doug. They heard the whole thing, and I never even knew they were there. I found all this out after the fact."

To cap off the beautiful evening, Doleac made arrangements for the marquee sign out front of the theatre to display the words, "Never ever gonna want another," aptly borrowing from his song, "Another."

"We feel so lucky that we've already gotten to live so much life and make so many memories together," reflects the country singer. "Every day continues to get better and better, and it just felt like the perfect time to start our forever."

Doleac is set to hit the road and open for Jessie James Decker on her the Woman I’ve Become Tour this April.

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