Billy Ray Cyrus is headed back to television. The country singer and actor will play the lead in a new CMT comedy series called Still the King.

In a 30 second promo that was released this week, Cyrus plays Vernon Brownmule, a washed-up one-hit wonder who now works as an Elvis impersonator. He's had some trouble with the law over the years and most recently is shown in jail after he was arrested for crashing into an old country church sign while drunk.

There are shots of "Burnin' Vernon" twenty years earlier, signing autographs for his adoring fans, but that lifestyle is long gone. Now, he is sentenced to a thousand hours of community service as part of his parole. Additionally, he learns that he has a 15-year-old daughter he has never met, played by Madison Iseman.

According to CMT, the comedy series is about "doing all the wrong things… for all the right reasons." The premiere of Still The King airs on June 12 at 9PM ET.

This isn't Cyrus' first time acting. He has had roles on The Love Boat: The Next Wave, Doc and also starred on daughter Miley's show Hannah Montana. Last year, Cyrus shared advice for his daughter Miley after she hosted the much talked-about MTV VMA Awards.

“My advice is still the same for Miley as it’s always been,” he told ET. “Do what you do because you love it, and not because you have to. If you ain’t having fun, it ain’t working. Enjoy what you’re doing and stay positive.”

“She’s always kind of reminded me of a mixture between Lucille Ball and Dolly Parton," he added. "And as I watch Miley evolve, she’s taking on more and more of those traits.”

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