Thursday night (Sept. 6), Billy Ray Cyrus made a pitstop at 'The Tonight Show With Jay Leno' -- his first visit back with the famous host since first exploding onto the country music scene 20 years ago. Cyrus and Leno got their conversation started by joking about the past 20 years and the singer's "overnight" ride to stardom, which included over 12 years of beating the pavement to catch a break in the music business, even living out of his car for periods of time.

The two jumped into more recent topics soon after, including Cyrus' famous daughter, Miley, who recently became engaged to actor Liam Hemsworth. "He begged me... several times," Cyrus joked of his daughter's now-fiance asking for his permission. "Third time I said, yeah sure. No, I said yeah right off the bat. Liam's a great guy. We all love Liam. He's a great young man. She's happy... it's good to see her happy. That's what I care most about."

In addition to premiering his new single, 'Change My Mind,' live on the show, Cyrus also talked about his upcoming sting on Broadway. "I felt like it would be a great challenge and a great opportunity to become a better actor and learn more," he said of the experience. "[With] Broadway, you only get one first time. At my age, I thought that I had done everything at least once, but I have never been on Broadway, so I'm excited."

Listen for Cyrus' new single, 'Change My Mind,' to hit country airwaves later this month. A new album with the same name is expected in October.

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