No red carpet here. Celebrities are almost always camera ready, but mug shots are the exception to the rule.

Often, arrests are the result of drinking too much — be it disorderly conduct or stepping out of line under the influence. Kid Rock has several, but the one included here comes from the time he got picked up at a Waffle House for fighting and had to complete an anger management course.

Mug shots are the great equalizer: No makeup, no filters, and in some cases, no problems. See which celebrities handled their mugshot better than others.

Morgan Wallen Mug Shot

attachment-Morgan Wallen Mug Shot
Courtesy of MNPD

attachment-Morgan Wallen Mug Shot

Morgan Wallen was arrested on April 7 and charged with throwing a chair out of a window at Eric Church's new bar in downtown Nashville. It'll come with felony charges — the chair fell from the sixth floor and nearly hit two police officer. It's not the first trouble Wallen has found himself in, either.

Willie Nelson Mug Shot

Willie Nelson mugshot
Hudspeth County Sheriff's Department

Willie Nelson mugshot

Country icon Willie Nelson was arrested in 2010 for, you guessed it, possession. At the time, the 77-year-old singer was stopped on his tour bus and was arrested for six ounces of marijuana. He was one of four arrested during the stop and it was far from his first time.

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