Chris Young turned to social media to share the results of his workout regimen, and fans were suitably impressed with the results.

The country singer posted a shirtless picture to Instagram on Friday (Oct. 20), showing off a newfound definition in his biceps, chest and abs.

"Just gonna leave this here," he writes to accompany the photo, adding the hashtag, #results.

Fans were quick to praise Young's transformation, with many of his IG followers — especially the female ones — responding with raves.

Young first shared his fitness journey with fans in a photo from August that showed him shirtless, but partly covered.

"This year has been dedicated to a lot of work on myself. Music wise AND in the gym," he wrote at the time, adding that he was "still not done, but down 60 pounds."

Young told ET Online in early October that his new health regimen came about after he went to the doctor, and tests revealed, "My cholesterol was insanely high."

"She was like, 'You gotta do something,'" he recalled, so Young began to address his health through a combination of diet and exercise. He told ET that he had dropped down to about 230 pounds at 6'4".

Young has also been moving forward on the music front; in June of 2023, he released a new song titled "Young Love & Saturday Nights" which samples the iconic guitar riff from David Bowie's "Rebel Rebel."

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