Come May, Colt Ford will be releasing his third studio album which he has named 'Declaration of Independence.' The new album, like his previous releases, will feature guest vocals from some of the best and hottest artists in not just country music, but music as a whole.

While Ford and his label, Average Joe's Entertainment, are keeping the track listing and special guests a surprise (for now), one thing is for sure -- 'Declaration of Independence' will be the classic Colt Ford sound that his nationwide fans have grown to love.

Ford's album will be one of three released from Average Joe's Entertainment as part of the label's Ultimate Trilogy, which the release of three new albums. Ford will unveil his as a part of the mass release, as will the Lacs and JB and the Moonshine Band. The first of the three albums will come on March 6 with the release of JB and the Moonshine Band's sophomore album, 'Beer for Breakfast,' which will be followed by the release of the Lacs '190 Proof' April 3.

Ford's new collection of songs will close the trilogy when it's available on May 1. The release of the albums will coincide with Ford's new Declaration of Independence Tour that will feature all three acts on the bill. "We wanted to go beyond the music and create a little more excitement to the buying experience," label CEO Shannon Houchins said in a press release. "We intertwined a story on all three upcoming album releases from all three acts on Colt Ford’s Declaration of Independence Tour for the fans to put the puzzle together, album by album. The ultimate fan will be able to find the clues within the albums and figure out the story."

The Declaration of Independence Tour is set to kick off on April 6 in Sasser, Ga. at the Sasser Fleamarket. Click here for a complete list of dates where the tour will be stopping.