South African duo Connecting Stars  bring a beachy flair to line dancing in their 'Stuck' music video, shown first exclusively to Taste of Country readers.

'Stuck' -- the catchy first single for husband and wife Martin and Cheryl Engel -- is memorable and infectious, and the music video is inventive and a hoot to watch, because how often do you get to see a rambunctious group of people line dancing together on a beachfront in Durban, South Africa?

In the clip, a group of line dancers and Gumboot dancers (African dancers that perform wearing Wellington boots) join forces with anyone on the beach who wants to dance, and there's a whole lot going on -- dancing, cowboy hats, boots, acoustic guitar and Connecting Stars' beautiful harmonies.

Interspersed throughout the dancing footage are shots of the Engels frolicking the beach, performing 'Stuck,' and looking lovely in love. We've certainly never heard of any country music video involving African dancing, cowboy boots and Wellingtons, but somehow, it works.

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