Darius Rucker's latest single, 'This,' is a proven hit for the singer, as it tops the country singles chart this week. 'This' is one of the 13 songs on his latest album, 'Charleston, S.C. 1966,' which Rucker co-wrote. Rucker's co-writers on 'This' are former 'American Idol' judge Kara DioGuardi and record producer Frank Rogers.

For the song's lyrics, the writers focused on Rucker's life, including his family and career, and the road that led him to stardom and success.

"Like the girl that I loved in high school / Who said she could do better / Or the college I wanted to go to / 'Til I got that letter / All the fights and the tears and the heartache / I thought I'd never get through / And the moment I almost gave up / All led me here to you / I didn't understand it way back when / But sittin' here right now / It all makes perfect sense," Rucker sings in the song's second verse.

"The line about the girl that I loved in high school that said she could do better … that’s me, man!" Rucker tells Taste of Country with laughter. "The college line is great, too. That never happened to me, but I thought that was a pretty cool line. That was about the only thing that didn’t happen to me [in the song]."

The song's chorus offers that comforting feeling of knowing everything happens for a reason:

"Every stoplight I didn't make / Every chance I did or I didn't take / All the nights I went too far / All the girls that broke my heart / All the doors that I had to close / All the things I knew but I didn't know / Thank God for all I missed / 'Cause it led me here to this," he sings.

"Writing this song was cool because when it starts out, it sounds like it's going to be your typical love song," Rucker notes about the lyrics. "But what the song is really about is life."

'This' marks the fifth time Rucker has had a No. 1 song since crossing over into country music.

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