Darryl Worley and his family gathered to wish his father Tom Worley well before he was wheeled into surgery this morning. The singer tweeted the video below from the waiting room, where he chatted with his mother and joked around with his dad.

"That's Paw right there, he's gotta have that growth fixed," the singer says after the older Worley sticks his tongue out at the camera. "What do you want me to tell 'em, Mama?"

"Just pray," Bonnie Worley responds. It's not clear what sort of work Worley's father is having done, or how serious the surgery is. The family seems to be pulling together while keeping a positive attitude.

Darryl Worley is taking a break from promoting his new single 'You Still Got It' to be with his father. According to his website, he has mostly private shows scheduled for the remainder of March.

Watch Darryl Worley's Video From the Surgery Waiting Room

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