After news broke that the iconic Dolly Parton was involved in her first-ever car accident in Nashville recently, everyone was concerned about the 67-year-old singer's well-being. Thankfully, she assures fans that she's just fine.

"I’m fine. As you can see!" Parton tells Country Weekly, further explaining what happened while she was riding in her friend's Nissan SUV.

"Judy, my best friend, and I were heading to the studio to finish up 'Blue Smoke,' my record, and this lady just pulled out in front of us and we hit her," the superstar shares. “It wasn’t that hard. Thank goodness we weren’t going that fast."

Thankfully, the impact was relatively slight for a car crash -- the airbags and safety features didn't even need to active. "Nobody’s airbags inflated or deflated -- mine or Nissan’s!" Parton continues with a laugh. "We were fine. Just a little sore and bruised where the seatbelt went across.”

She's bouncing back remarkably well; you'd never know this was the 'Coat of Many Colors' singer's first accident. "I’ve never been in anything like this," the legend recalls. "All of a sudden, you just feel the pressure in your chest. But we’re good, we’re fine, thanks for the concern."

Just to reiterate that she really is fine, Parton added a bit of humor, saying, “As far as I know, if I die, it’ll be from something besides that!"