Gene Watson succumbed to something motorists in rural areas have been complaining about for years. His GPS system chose a dirt road as the quickest route to a show in Sandstone, N.M. on Sunday night. The detour almost found the bus in a bog.

As the bus driver pulled over to allow an oncoming vehicle to pass, the dirt gave way and the bus lurched to the right. It teetered on falling over as Watson and his band climbed out of a window to safety. Four tow trucks were called in to right the bus. By then, Watson had already caught a ride to the venue.

Watson's band had to borrow instruments from the opening band to play and they played in "bus clothes." Aside from being shaken up, nobody was injured in the incident. The bus came away with only minor body damage. "Fortunately, I know a little place that can handle that work and I am hoping I can get a discount," Watson, who owns a body shop, said in a press statement.

This week Watson will join Randy Travis on the Grand Ole Opry, where they will sing a song they recorded for Randy’s '25th Anniversary Celebration' album. They'll play a track titled 'Didn’t We Shine' on October 4.

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