The lyrics to Gloriana's brand-new single '(Kissed You) Good Night' were written in honor of all the guys in the world who are the ones responsible for making that "first move" with a girl after a date night out. Gloriana's Tom Gossin co-wrote the tune along with hit songwriter Josh Kear (Lady Antebellum's 'Need You Now,' Carrie Underwood's 'Before He Cheats'), and it is the first release from their forthcoming album on Warner Bros. Records.

"It was actually the very first writing session that I had had in the time period when we were thinking about starting a new album," Gossin tells Taste of Country. "We hadn’t even officially began writing for the new album, but I had a chance to get together with Josh. He was one of the writers on ‘Wild at Heart,’ and he’s just written some of my other like completely favorite country songs out there. I just really jumped at the opportunity. I was anxious to meet him and get the chance to write. That was actually our first time writing together. It was just the two of us. I went over to his place. It was one of those days where the song just sort of happened. It’s always really nice when that happens, so you don’t have to labor over the start of the idea."

Gossin shared with Kear a conversation he overheard at a restaurant one day prior to their writing appointment. "I was sitting at this table at a restaurant, and I could hear the table next to me," Gossin says with a grin. "This one girl had been on a date, and they were like, ‘So … did he kiss you?’ She was like, ‘No, we didn’t.’ They were like, ‘Girl, that is his job to make the first move!’ My ears perk up, and I was listening because I wanted to know what they had to say about it. They were like, ‘It is always the guy’s job. Just push her up against the wall and do it!’ That became like the first [idea] that I had when I wrote with Josh … the whole ‘should have push you up against the wall’ thing … just the girl wanting the dude to take charge kind of a thing."

"You couldn’t see me / Watching through the window / Wondering what went wrong  / Praying that you wouldn’t go / You should have kissed me / You should have pushed me up against the wall / You should have kissed me / I was right on the edge and ready to fall," they wrote in the lyrics of the verse sung by the band's Rachel Reinert.

"We agreed that we wanted to write something that really stirred up emotions in people, something about a moment in life – almost when you live life and you go, 'Oh man, this is kind of like a movie moment,'" recalls Gossin. "We were totally thinking of something like that. I started looking back in my personal life and my younger years and everything, and I was always somebody who had a hard time with that whole scenario: making the first move and knowing that it was the guy’s job to kind of like make the first move at the end of a great date."

"I turned off the car, ran through the yard, back to your front door / Before I could knock, you turned the lock, met me on the front porch / And I kissed you good night / And now that I’ve kissed you / It’s a good night, good night, baby good night," they wrote in the lyrics to the chorus.

"I was always a shy guy my whole life, so it was harder than it sounded to do that," says Gossin with a laugh. "So I guess writing this song was a way to kind of work through that!"

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