The 2016 election has sparked a lot of opinions from celebrities and musicians across all genres, but one very unique perspective came from Hillary Scott on Aug. 3 when she sat down with CMT. Scott didn’t express support for either side, but she shared a philosophy close to her heart: pray for your leaders, no matter who they are.

“That was something I was told and taught very early on in my life,” she explains. “Because just like anybody you pass walking down the street, you have no idea what burdens other people are carrying around."

Being compassionate toward others, regardless of whether they are the president or your next door neighbor, is important, she shares.

“Choosing kindness is never a bad decision,” she says. “We’re all human beings first."

Scott recently had to carry a tough burden of her own when she experienced a miscarriage, something that though she says she’s made peace with in the months since, inspired a poignant tune called “Thy Will.” The song appears on a gospel record she made with her family called Love Remains, released July 29.

The Lady Antebellum singer says the song has actually brought a lot of healing by connecting with others who have experienced similarly painful circumstances.

“It’s an unlimited number of prayer requests that I feel like I’m getting on a daily basis,” Scott said. “It has been such an incredible way to feel connected to people all over the world. I feel like our hearts are in it together.”

Hear more of Scott’s thoughts on the election — and what it’s like being sometimes mistaken for Hillary Clinton on Twitter — in the interview above.

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