Jake Owen was candid with fans about the end of his marriage, and now, he's being open about the tough realities of being a single dad. The singer took some time to talk to fans live via Facebook on Tuesday night (Feb. 2) and revealed a lot about what it's like to be a father to his daughter, Pearl.

Fans asked questions about Owen's personal goals and even parenting advice, as well as his music. The "Real Life" singer's answers were heartfelt and touching, showing just how much his daughter is a priority in his life, despite his recent divorce.


These interactions are not the first time Owen has talked about how much he loves spending time with his little lady. The singer talks proudly about his time with Pearl, including one recent story he told of an elaborate daddy-daughter date he set up for her that ended up looking a little different than he’d planned.

“I thought it out, I was like, ‘I’m gonna take her to Frozen,’ I got the tickets and everything, and I surprised her, and when I told her she just kinda looked at me, she was like, ‘Well dad, I kinda just wanna jump on the bed and watch cartoons,'" he recalls.

After admitting in the Facebook chat his favorite guilty pleasure tune is by none other than Justin Bieber, Owen got ready to sign off, but not before announcing his new single would be out the first week of March.

The singer has said that though his new music will have that same Jake Owen feel, it will be a little different than before, as he’s had a lot of experience to draw from.

“A lot of things have the feel of what I’ve done before, but I’ve gone through a lot of stuff. I’ve got a lot of stuff to say,” he explains to WKKA Orlando. “I’m excited.”

Owen revealed recently that the single will be called “American Country Love Song,” and that it is about the type of music he grew up loving.

“One thing I’ve always loved about country music is the way it made me feel listening to it. From John Mellencamp to Kenny Chesney to Bob Seger, there’s an American thread in all of that, about growing up and falling in love and falling out of love,” Owen says about the tune. “It’s kind of about one of those songs that always made you feel that way.”

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