Jana Kramer is only 29, but when she knows what she wants, she knows. And when it came to 'Heart of Country,' from the moment she read the script, Kramer knew it was the one for her. 

"When I read the script I was like, ‘I have to do this,'" the songstress tells BFTV.

'Heart of the Country,' based on the novel by Rene Gutteridge and John Ward, follows an aspiring singer who moves to New York only to have her heart broken by her husband. She returns home to her father, rekindling their relationship while facing an extremely uncertain future with an aching heart.

“It was so crazy," Kramer shares. "There were so many similarities between me and the character. And I could sing in it. I basically begged both my teams to make this happen.”

Her begging clearly paid off, as she was cast in the lead role and did a smashing job, according to the trailer. “I think I did the role the best that I could have and made it as real as possible,” she reflects. “Probably the last scene was the most difficult for me, because it was raw emotions, [but] the whole film, there were things that I brought in from my own life. I definitely brought a lot of me into it. I just hope that [people] laugh, they smile.”

Kramer has a lot of raw emotions going on in her own life right now, what with the heartbreak of a recently called-off engagement to fellow country star Brantley Gilbert. Plus, there's the excitement of having a big slot as opening act on Blake Shelton's Ten Times Crazier Tour.

As Kramer faces her somewhat uncertain future (at least relationship-wise), hopefully her heart will guide her -- and the answers will be as clear as the 'Heart of Country' script.

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