Jason Michael Carroll counts his blessings and showcases his math skills in his clever new single 'Numbers,' about the digits that pass us by each day.

Before the 'I Can Sleep When I'm Dead' singer sets out to make himself the "one and only" man in his girl's life, he leads into his analysis of our world of numbers with this chorus:

"Numbers, all around / Flying by, up and down / Some as slow as Christmas coming / Some like the speed of sound / And we all wonder what they mean / The highs, the lows / The in-betweens / Why most of them mean absolutely nothing / But some of them mean everything."

While the numbers marking his F150 truck mean very little, Carroll sings about the importance of other numeric symbols -- like the number of stars in the sky as he slips a half-carat diamond onto the finger of his leading lady.

Carroll's 'Numbers' is catchy and fun, all while maintaining that 'importance of life' lesson that draws fans to country music time and time again.

Here's a number for you: it's six, for the number of Billboard Hot Country top 20 hits this Texas native will have earned after 'Numbers' sky-rockets to the top of the chart in search of its No. 1 spot.

Listen to Jason Michael Carroll, 'Numbers'