Indiana country boy Jason Sturgeon was raised by farmers, and followed the teachings of the Bible into adulthood. With his new single, 'The Cover,' from his self-explanatory album, 'That's Me,' Sturgeon tells his life story and how it always came back to that little weathered book.

Just like his mama's old bible, the cove on Sturgeon's is warn. Even when he was growing up and going astray, Sturgeon says he still found time to pray -- and that was his saving grace.

"It's the cover, not the pages, that you see here tonight / A man that's worn and tattered has a soul that's filled with light," Sturgeon sings enthusiastically in the chorus.

While he knows he's a sinner, the newcomer insists he's got a saint inside of him, and if you look past the hard exterior, you'll see it. For the sake of a review, all we've got to go by is 'The Cover.' Sturgeon's brand has potential, but this particular track feels a smidge unfinished for the big league.

Following performances at CMA Fest in Nashville, the talked about new face is hoping to get fans to open his book. In the next week, the singer has tour dates lined up in Ohio, Virginia and Illinois.

Listen to Jason Sturgeon, 'The Cover'