When Jessie James Decker released the female-empowerment-themed video for her single "Flip My Hair"—which featured her and a troupe of pregnant dancers grooving in skintight unitards—one of the unexpected highlights was an adorable cameo from her 3-year-old daughter Vivianne.

Well, like mother, like daughter: That little girl apparently really liked being on set! Decker took to her Instagram to share some fun behind-the-scenes photos of Viv getting her hair and makeup done, as well as some extra glimpses at her dance steps. It's clear Vivianne is a true girly-girl in training, appearing entranced by the glamming-up process as well as watching her mom's daring moves.

"I love being able to bring her with me and for her to see what her mama does and to be a part of it," enthused Decker. "She asked me everyday for a week after that when we could do another dance video."

"Flip My Hair" received mixed reviews from fans, which Decker received without apology. She countered with some pointed words: "I’ve already read some of your comments stating that it’s weird or it makes you uncomfortable or that other successful country female artists would never do this. Well if it makes you uncomfortable then that’s your own issue."

Decker is due this spring with a baby boy, who will join big sister Vivianne as well as big brother Eric Jr. (2).

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