Jillian Jacqueline's debut EP, Side A, is filled with personal songs that all tell a unique story.

One track that's particularly special is her current single, "God Bless This Mess," co-penned by Lori McKenna (the revered writer behind "Humble and Kind," "Girl Crush" and so many more). Jacqueline was hesitant to use the title when her producer suggested it — the lyrics are far from a religious proclamation, offering a voice for those who feel less than, letting them know they're not alone.

"Music has that incredible power to just make people feel like someone else understands them and that's where we really wanted to go with the message of the song," the country newcomer tells Taste of Country. "That song is one that when I play it at shows, I really feel like it's a message that I'm lucky that I get to share. I just want people to hear that song, because I think it's really helpful for people in tough situations."

Jacqueline enjoyed writing with McKenna, whom she says is "incredibly intuitive" and embodies a sense of universality in her writing that is also down-to-earth. "She's just that way as a human being, so she has a way of speaking to people in a very, really just vulnerable way, and I really appreciated that," the young star says of veteran writer.

Vulnerable will be a recurring theme in Jacqueline's music — she vows to only record songs she feels a strong connection with. Fans can expect honesty on her debut album, along with a hint of sarcasm and her signature sense of humor.

"As an artist, I've always wanted to say something that hasn't been said quite the way anybody else has said it. So for me, as long as I can maintain individuality with every single line, I will sing it," she explains, saying that her EP is a collection of "incredibly personal" songs. She's not afraid to open her heart to the world.

"That's why I love great artists, because they're telling me things about their lives that makes them feel really vulnerable and it's scary, but it feels brave, and I love that," she says. "I think music is a chance to be brave."

Jacqueline is set to hit the road as an opening act on Thomas Rhett's Life Changes Tour in 2018.

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