The apple doesn't fall too far from the tree in the Montgomery family. Walker Montgomery — son of John Michael Montgomery and nephew of Montgomery Gentry's Eddie Montgomery — is trying his hand at country music, and if his debut country single is any indication, he has a bright future ahead of him!

The 18-year-old singer had a hand in writing "Simple Town," and as he explains, it comes from a real place. "I grew up in Kentucky, and I wrote this song at a point in my life where I was starting out college, considering moving to Nashville, and realized how important it is to remember where you come from," Montgomery tells Country Rebel.

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In "Simple Town" he sings of leaving his hometown to make his way in the real world. However, he soon learns that the real world is not as great as he dreamed it would be.

"Growing up, all anybody dreamed about was getting out / 'Til we got out in the real world / Man, we saw what it was all about / Out there it's backstabbing but I'm backtracking back to my hometown / It's where my heart is, I'd fall apart if I don't get back now," he sings.

"Simple Town" was produced by Colt Ford and Noah Gordon, and the video for the song shows the perks of living in a small town where everybody knows your name. "I am blessed to have grown up in a town where everyone knows everyone," Montgomery adds. "I'm overwhelmed and so thankful for the support that 'Simple Town' has gotten in my home state."

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