Jon Pardi continues to release songs from his upcoming album, Heartache Medication. His latest song, "Old Hat," follows up the previously released "Heartache Medication," "Ain't Always the Cowboy," "Me and Jack" and "Tequila Little Time."

"Old Hat" is unique compared to the other songs Pardi has shared from his upcoming album. Instead of focusing on drinking, whether to have a good time or to medicate himself, it recalls past traditions that have been abandoned in the modern age, such as opening the door for a girl ("These days they call you crazy / If you hold the door for a lady / If you don't call her 'girl' 'stead of 'baby' / You're out of style, obsolete").

"Old Hat" features many traditional country music elements that keep with the theme of the song, including, a down-home fiddle, a steady drum beat and a mix of both electric and acoustic guitars that help emphasize the need to keep traditions alive. Pardi describes the track as "not really a honky-tonk song," adding that it has "a lot of soul."

"'Old Hat' is one of my favorite songs on the record," Pardi reflects. "I always loved the old-school tradition, open the door for a girl — this whole thing that is kind of pushed away from social media."

Heartache Medication will be available on Sept. 27. Pardi will be going on tour in support of the album; dates and tickets are available at

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