Josh Turner has never hidden his faith from his fans, but it has never been as loud and clear as it is on on his new gospel album, I Serve a Savior.

“Everyone knows my heart and what I stand for and what I believe,” Turner says in a new interview with Taste of Country Nights' Sam Alex. “Having the opportunity to do this record was a big deal, and I took it very seriously."

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And so did his family, whose voices are also featured on the album, released Friday (Oct. 26). In fact, the song "The River (Of Happiness)" was actually written by Turner’s wife, Jennifer, and eldest son, Hampton.

“(Jennifer) and all the boys sang and played on this thing," says Turner of the project, which was the first time the whole family has recorded together. "It’s kind of old hat to them. They get in there and knock it out."

Could this mean that we may have more Turners on the country charts in the future? Turner says he'd be on board with the idea.

"If it's their passion, I’m going to support it," the "Your Man" hitmaker admits, "But if they are getting into it or thinking about getting into it for the wrong reasons or whatever, I’m going to nip it in the bud really quick."

If he didn't, country fans would — they're keen on picking out which artists are genuinely invested and which are not.

"That's the great thing about country fans," Turner concludes. "They know a fake when they hear and see one. My fans have stuck with me all these years and they can see that I am genuine and serious about what I do."

I Serve a Savior is on shelves now.

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