Josh Turner’s "Hometown Girl" is his first single in 18 months, but fans can rest easy knowing that time has changed very little. The country baritone is still relying on familiar topics and his signature voice. He’s still the same Josh Turner.

Veteran artists occasionally feel the need to “sex it up” after being gone from radio, but Turner’s new track is an easy country lyric about a girl who never gets too big for her raising. The all-American "Hometown Girl" is the next single from his upcoming sixth studio album. It’s the follow-up to "Lay Low," but it’s not clear if that Top 30 hit will make a future album.

Sonically and melodically Turner and his production team steer down a straight road with "Hometown Girl." Steel guitar couples with ambient “Oohs” during a moody bridge, but otherwise this mid-tempo track could be found in nearly any era.

Did You Know?: "Hometown Girl" co-writer Marc Beeson is a veteran songwriter with hits in three decades. Most recently he helped write Billy Currington's "We Are Tonight."

Listen to Josh Turner, "Hometown Girl"

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Josh Turner, "Hometown Girl" Lyrics:

“She grew up around here on that southwest side / Where the corn grows up to the road side / Went to high school here, got that Panther pride / She’ll be cheering them on every Friday night.”

“She couldn’t hide her beauty with a baseball cap / Couldn’t help but shine with a heart like that / New York called when she turned 21 / But she never forgot where she came from.”

“I need a pretty little homegrown hometown girl / With a ribbon tying back those waterfall curls / I’ve been looking all over, all over the world / For a pretty little homegrown hometown girl.”

“Her mamma’s mamma was born right here / And her roots run deeper than that old town square / She’s a good girl but she’s not uptight / She can rise and shine and she can hang all night.”

“She’s got an old soul, she’s the salt of the earth / When she gives her love she knows what it’s worth / There’s a lot of pretty girls out there to me / But there’s nothing like the one right across the street.”

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