The music video for Justin Bieber and Rascal Flatts' collaboration, 'That Should Be Me,' comes from a behind-the-scenes point of view, as the four guys are being filmed for the 'real' video.

Rascal Flatts surprise Bieber in the studio, and the four perform 'That Should Be Me' as if it were an unplanned jam session. The boys head to the set to record the 'video,' after busting out the first half of the song in Bieber's practice space. In front of the camera, Bieber and the Flatts are dressed in all black and serenading future viewers with their sweet tune about losing an old flame to another person. As Bieber and Gary LeVox lead on vocals, Jay DeMarcus brings in the piano and Joe Don Rooney incorporates the guitar.

The way the scenes tie together as if the joint effort were unplanned makes the 'That Should Be Me' video feel as raw as the emotional song -- and lends you to believe the Bieber/Flatts collective force was anticipated all along.

Watch the Justin Bieber Feat. Rascal Flatts 'That Should Be Me' Video

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