Justin Moore's lead single from his third studio album is a familiar combination of all of his best songs. It's the well-meaning bad boy in 'How I Got to Be This Way' meeting the soft and sensitive lover in ''Til My Last Day.' Fans familiar with Moore's previous two studio albums can find a few more tracks 'Point at You' resembles.

Familiarity is a sword that can cut two ways. On one hand, he's building a brand -- country music fans know what a Justin Moore song sounds. He's becoming a vocalist of some distinction, and the final choruses are evidence of his talent.

"I've got a rough side, a wild side /At least a country mile wide / A fightin' side after a few / If they wanna see my sweet side / My soft side, my best side / I just point at you / Yea, point at you," Moore sings, holding the note at the end just long enough for one to look at the radio and say "Dang!"

On the other hand, one yearns for a broader range of material and emotions. There's a fine line between building a brand and digging a rut. Moore is still on the right side of that line, but the ground is getting looser and looser. Fortunately, strong songwriting and clean country-rock production help 'Point at You' resonate with fans new and old.

"Girl I ain't sure just what it is / That's got me all tore up like this / Your kiss done melted down this heart of stone / I still like to get a little crazy / But something about your loving baby / It breaks me down and makes me wanna haul ass home," he adds during the second verse.

Moore writes from his heart. He'll always catch unfair criticism for being a little too country and a little corny at times, but honesty and a genuine spirit are two things he and his fans can always count on.

3.5 Stars

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