Donald Trump has Justin Moore’s vote. The “You Look Like I Need a Drink” singer was candid about who he'll vote for in the 2016 presidential election, saying he likes that Trump is an “out of the box” candidate.

Moore talked to Cody Alan during a recent episode of CMT After Midnite. The singer says no one should be surprised he’s a Republican, or that he’s conservative.

“I said a couple of years ago that for the Republican Party to get in the White House it was going to take something completely out of the box in order to make that happen. I think Trump is doing that.”

Most artists stay far away from commenting on politics and elections, and Moore recognizes that his record label is not going to love that he was so forthright with his opinion.

“I like the fact that he evokes a sense of winning, you know?” he adds. “I know it’s offensive to some people, and I’m not going to say I agree with everything he says, clearly. I think he’s just wacky enough to actually go do it. He doesn’t like to lose. I think he’ll win for our country if he were to get in there.”

Moore also likes Republican candidate Ben Carson. He hopes people will appreciate that everyone is entitled to their own opinions, as that’s part of what is great about America.

“I can respect the differences in people," he assures. "No matter if you agree with me or I agree with you or not we can at least respect the fact that we both have educated viewpoints on it.”

Loretta Lynn and Kid Rock are two other artists who have vocally supported Trump.

This spring and summer, look for Moore on Brantley Gilbert's Take It Outside Tour, set to begin in June. He's also working on his fourth studio album. "You Look Like I Need a Drink" is the first single from that album.

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