Last time we checked, golf isn't considered a dangerous sport — but it is one that takes some awareness, and maybe a bit of agility.

That goes for the person with the club and those who might be standing nearby.

During the Ally Challenge celebrity golf tournament in 2022, country's Kane Brown accidentally hit a spectator with a drive that went awry. The "Like I Love Country Music" singer shared the video proof of the embarrassing moment on social media this week.

"Fore! Fore! Fore right!" Brown yells down the fairway before turning to the crowd and saying, "That sounded like it hit somebody."

As it turns out, his ball did hit somebody.

In the next clip, we see Brown interacting with the man who was struck by the ball. The singer asks if he kept the ball and tells him he wants to sign it for him. They also take a picture together to remember the, uh, special moment.

"This is going to sound really weird, but I'm gonna need you to lift your shirt up for me," Brown says, urging the man to show the mark the country star left on him.

The man says he never saw it coming, but it was all worth it for the signed golf ball. Brown insists he warned everyone.

"To be fair this was only my 9th time playing golf, AND I told everyone move," Brown writes in sharing the video on Feb. 2.

Brown has had some down time after having to cancel several overseas shows due to illness. All remaining international dates of the Drunk or Dreaming Tour were scrapped, but the U.S. leg of the trek begins in March, after he has some time to rest and recover.

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