Kane Brown's "Thunder in the Rain" is a more professional recording than his debut. The singer holds no power back, but the song doesn't solely rely on his unique vocals to work.

Brown is at his best with help. "Thunder in the Rain" is an uptempo country mix that charges forward like a herd of horses. The backing vocals add pop flavor, while banjo pins it to country music. He worked with Josh Hoge and Matthew McVaney to fine-tune a lyrical vocal style and make it more agreeable to radio programmers.

The mix steps away from the raw, booming presentation Brown offered in so many of his cover songs and on "Used to Love You Sober." That may rub some wrong, but it's the right move for his longterm future in country music.

Did You Know?: Kane Brown is a big Batman fan. He even wore Batman socks to the 2016 ACM Awards.

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Kane Brown's "Thunder in the Rain" Lyrics:

“Your lips, your eyes don't wanna let go / Your skin on mine, I'm losing control / Hear the rumble in your chest, feel the wind comin' off your breath / Your curves ain't slowin' me down / Ain't nothin' gonna stop us now.”


“Your fire, I'm lightnin', we're burnin' at the core / Fallin' and crashin', girl, we're a perfect storm / Every time our hearts collide, I can feel our love come alive / It's insane, baby, we're like thunder in the rain.”

“Twisted, tangled like a hurricane / We shake these walls like an earthquake / Hear the rumble in your chest, feel the wind comin' off your breath / The way you're callin' out my name / Makes me hard to contain.”

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