Kane Brown has the Batman logo tattooed across his chest — it's almost the first thing you notice if he's wearing a low-collared shirt. Previously the "Thunder in the Rain" singer had said he was just a fan of the superhero, but that's not nearly the whole story.

There was a girl involved. Brown and his ex-girlfriend shared a love of Batman. "We always talked about getting tattoos, like I would get Robin, she would get Batman," Brown tells Taste of Country. "I had this (tattoo of) three skulls on my chest ... and I needed a cover-up. And the only thing I could really think about at the time was Batman."

Some photos show only half the tattoo complete. It took several months for the singer to find time to finish the whole thing, and in that time, his career started to blow up. Fans started to believe he was the world's biggest Batman fan, so they'd give him Batman-themed gifts.

"We watched Batman all the time, me and her," the country newcomer says. "They were like 'Oh, he's such a huge Batman fan because I had a car that was the Batmobile and there was a Batman sticker on the back, so they were getting me all kinds of stuff."

At the ACM Awards in Las Vegas last April, Brown admitted he was wearing Batman socks. You can see a few more photos of his Batman tattoo in its different stages in the video below. While he doesn't own the Batmobile any longer, the girl that inspired his ink is still around, although he was clear that she is an ex-girlfriend. Funny story about this mystery woman: she's part of the story that inspired his gold-certified hit "Used to Love You Sober," too.

"Thunder in the Rain" is Brown's second radio single, although he's found success with many more songs from his Chapter 1 EP on iTunes. The singer is currently opening for Florida Georgia Line on the Dig Your Roots Tour.

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