Kelleigh Bannen's upbeat, catchy new single 'Famous' isn't as sweet as it sounds. The revenge anthem sees the singer trying to make her cheating, lying boyfriend "famous" for his evil ways, which she successfully does in the video.

The video opens with Bannen watching through a peephole as her boyfriend cheats on her with another woman. The paparazzi camera clicks begin and the cheaters know they've been caught. Bannen takes her blue classic car and hits the country road -- with his clothes in tow. It doesn't take long before she starts littering them down the backroads.

As she throws his clothes and belongings out she's singing, "I'm gonna make you famous/ Tell 'em all about you." She aims to do so before he can break another heart. Bannen reaches her destination -- a small country bar. She walks in carrying her guitar in one hand and something wrapped up in the other. She hands it to the bartender, takes a shot and takes the stage.

The bar fills up and Bannen's on stage singing 'Famous' with posters covering the walls behind her. Her now ex-boyfriend's face is plastered on all of the posters and words like "liar" and "cheater" are printed beneath it. The same face from the posters waltzes into the bar with a new girl in his arms and the spotlight immediately shines on him -- achieving just what Bannen set out to do -- to make him "famous."

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