Being serenaded by Kenny Chesney would be a dream come true for just about any country fan, but for 14-year-old Carrington Walker -- who was pulled onstage during last week's Goin' Coastal Tour stop in Wichita -- it was the night of a lifetime. When Chesney chose Walker from the crowd and brought her on stage to sing her his hit 'Summertime,' he had no idea that the teen is a cancer patient, making it an extra special moment.

Walker, who was diagnosed with acute lymphoma leukemia a few years ago, is the Kansas Leukemia and Lymphoma Society's Girl of the Year for 2011. But Chesney didn't know that, and neither did the two tall guys who let the teenager stand in front of them at the show so that she could see better and get a little closer to the stage.

"I was so moved by all the people who reached out to help us that night," Walker's aunt, Therese O'Neal, tells reporters. "They didn't know Carrington was sick. Kenny Chesney didn't know she's sick. No one there knew. Yet they were kind and generous enough to let us have their spot."

Something was clearly on the teen's side, though -- be it fate, luck, or what have you -- because it was a special gift from an anonymous donor that got her to the Chesney concert in the first place. Walker's mom had her eye on a pair of tickets to the show in an auction, but she was outbid at the last minute. The winner, who remains anonymous, then donated the tickets to the sick teenager, who went to the show with her aunt.

When they got to the venue, there was yet another heads up penny waiting for them. "Someone came over and asked if we wanted these bracelets to get to the stage," Walker says. "And we said, 'OK, we'll try them out.'" Her aunt continues, "Just as we lifted Carrington up onto our shoulders, Kenny Chesney turned around, pointed to her, and just started walking over to her. He gets over to her, grabs her hand and just yanks her on the stage with him."

It was then that the hat-sporting country superstar serenaded the young girl with his 2005 hit single 'Summertime' and created a memory neither Chesney nor Walker will ever forget. "It was amazing," she recalls. "I couldn't breathe at all. I just kind of stood there."