Kenny Chesney went into extensive detail with Men's Health and Fitness to reveal how he keeps his body in shape. Seriously, dudes, if you envy Chesney's trim physique and sculpted arms, simply because you want to have a similar in-shape form, well, he pretty much gives his secrets away here.

Chesney can do 300 push ups in 10 minutes! He has achieved that feat because he once hired a professional trainer so that he could stay in tip-top shape and deliver flawless performances for fans. In order to do that, he needs to be healthy.

"I have to train to do my show the way I want to do it," he says. "I'm not one of these guys that just stands there behind the microphone. I work really hard to give the fans the best possible concert."

Here's a quick rundown of Chesney's philosophy and some tips and tricks so that you can start to look like the Chesinator. And with that sculpted form, especially at the age of 43, we're allowed to call him that.

Think beyond the gym: Chesney doesn't chain himself to the gym in order to get his exercise. He especially hates leg workouts. He says, "I've always hated it. I dread it. I'll walk into the gym knowing I've got to do them, and I try to get in the right frame of mind. But even after all these years of working out, I still hate it."

Take a cheat day: Sunday is the day of rest. It is also the day he cheats on his diet. If you deny yourself for much of the week, it's best to allow yourself some pleasure. Chesney's regular diet consists of foods like scrambled egg whites, grilled chicken, tomatoes, whole wheat bagels and grapes. Chesney says that on Sundays,"I eat whatever I want. If I want a chocolate-covered double cheeseburger, I'll eat it." While that may be cheating on his diet, it's also artery-hardening, so everything in moderation! We get the point, Kenny!

Lose yourself in exercise: Chesney once hit the Green Bay Packers' gym at Lambeau Field; he was set to perform there the following night, but needed to clear the old noggin and forget about the interviews, the personal issues and other matters for a hot second and he did so by pounding out his tensions on the treadmill.

Dress the part: Chesney works hard for his body and not only does he treat it right, he shows it off in his mandated sleeveless muscle shirt. He proudly displays them because a lot of sweat went into earning them. You can use that as motivation.

You can get an even more detailed description of Kenny Chesney's workout regimens here.

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