It sounds like Kenny Chesney has more warm-weather radio gold on his hands, thanks to the catchy 'Pirate Flag' lyrics.

Throughout his illustrious career, the star has been responsible for some serious summer anthems. We're thinking of ear worms like 'No Shoes, No Shirt, No Problems' and 'Summertime.' And this year, with the help of hitmaking songwriter David Lee Murphy, that streak will continue.

Murphy cranked out hits of his own in the 1990s, like the still-popular 'Dust on the Bottle.' Since then, he's been lending his songwriting skills to other country artists, having penned success stories for Jason Aldean ('The Only Way I Know') and Thompson Square ('Are You Gonna Kiss Me or Not'). Murphy wrote 'Live a Little' for Chesney's 'Hemingway's Whiskey' album, too.

For the 'Pirate Flag' lyrics, the talented songwriter teamed up to write with fellow scribe Ross Copperman, and goofing off led to a major hit.

"I was over at Ross’ house, and we were just sitting there playing … goofing around," Murphy recalls to Roughstock. "He had a little groove for a song. He started playing it … like a mandolin thing. I thought, man, that’s cool! It was just different. It sounded like pirate music to me."

The songwriter he already had a title in mind, and before long, the pirate-themed love song took shape. The result was Chesney's 'Pirate Flag' lyrics -- a perfect addition to the star's current album, 'Life on a Rock.'

"I knew Kenny was on the verge of getting ready to cut," Murphy continues. "It just made sense to put my idea with [Copperman's] music because it sounded like pirate music. When that title popped into my head, I said what about this, and Ross started messing around with it. We just kind of put it together. Soon enough, we had a ‘pirate flag and an island girl."

As soon as Murphy and Copperman put the final touches on 'Pirate Flag,' they knew that it would be a perfect fit for Chesney's new album -- and they were right.

"There are just certain artists you hear songs for … you go, this would be perfect for this guy," Murphy explains. "This one sounded just right for Kenny."

Thanks to a dancing mandolin accompaniment and lyrics that beckon to a life at sea, 'Pirate Flag' has quickly become a popular summer song.

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