Kid Rock's new country single "Tennessee Mountain Top" traces a transition from Los Angeles to Tennessee, or from pop-rock to country music.

The country-rap-rock singer and potential candidate for U.S. Senate has officially gone country, although "First Kiss" (his last single on Warner Brothers) was aimed at country radio first and foremost. That hasn't been the case historically with Kid Rock. His biggest hits have been songs country fans picked up organically.

In "Tennessee Mountain Top," the singer describes displeasure with one lifestyle and satisfaction with another. Of course it's a Kid Rock song, so the grittiest details are pushed to the front. There's no doubt a conservative country fan will wince when they hear his tales of sex and drugs. "Fall in love with an angel," he says and "you'll end up in California." A traditional country song is typically less abstract.

Sonically, "Tennessee Mountain Top" begins like a country-leaning Rolling Stones song with acoustic guitars and other organic instruments. It's not long before it explodes into a rowdy country-rock chorus that's guaranteed to hit his fans in the heart. Kid Rock fans will love this new Kid Rock song.

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Did You Know?: "Tennessee Mountain Top" is Kid Rock's first single on Broken Bow Records.

Kid Rock's "Tennessee Mountain Top" Lyrics:

Palm trees and beautiful lips / Man it dosen't get any better than this / The sunset like fire on the Viper Room / Old Lemmy hold up at the bar / With Johnny Depp picking on an old guitar / Man I wish Old Keith would've taught him how to keep in tune / I came here looking for love / But all I found was sex and drugs / Strung out, broke down, homesick and thinking of you.

There ain't nothing like a Tennessee mountain top / Some straight shooting neighbors that don't name drop / Where the preacher man praying for peace but still packing a gun (you better ask somebody) / And singing karaoke in a double wide / With smoke so thick it'll burn your eyes / Oh oh, my sweet lord I warn you / Fall in love with an angel / You'll end up in California.

High tide I felt so alive / Til I spent six hours on the 405 / In a jacked-up, rock ridge (unclear) / I turn up the radio / And heard a bunch of s—t that’s got no soul / All pop and hip-hop and no damn rock and roll / I came here looking for love / But ended up on a bathroom rug / On my knees praying God please see me through.

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