When the Band Perry sang 'Done' with former 'American Idol' contestant Janelle Arthur, fans were really excited to see the hot country trio perform -- but, were the show's executives keeping an eye on trio member Kimberly Perry as a possible 'Idol' judge? 

With the recent surprising announcement of a huge upheaval in the judging roster, everyone's wondering who will be sitting on the judging panel come next season. According to MJSBigBlog, a survey popped up in which a commenter on the site surveyed other readers, asking about potential judges for the show's upcoming 13th season. On the list in addition to Perry were Pharrell Williams, Will-i-am (who is also judge on 'The Voice UK') and Grace Potter.

Now, everyone's wondering -- could it have been someone behind the scenes on the show taking the survey? It's certainly a random conglomeration of potential panelists, and it would definitely make sense to see who 'Idol' fans would embrace as new judges.

The beautiful Perry would be a welcome addition to the panel, especially after the feisty personalities of Nicki Minaj and Mariah Carey overtook the show -- and not in a good way. The 30-year-old songstress has proven her ability to light up the stage and is always sweet and respectful during interviews. Plus, with Keith Urban's hopeful return, country music could play a big part in the show.

On the most recent season of 'The Voice,' country music took over and the show's ratings were sky high. 'Idol' could very well be taking notes -- and eying Perry as their next judge.

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