When it comes to songwriting, Kip Moore believes in being as authentic as possible -- that's why the 'Hey Pretty Girl' lyrics he co-wrote with his friend Dan Couch are hitting home with country fans. It's obvious that Moore's hit song was written from a personal place, and now his followers can't get enough of it.

The idea for 'Hey Pretty Girl' struck Moore when his guitar player, Dave Lapsley, found out that his wife was pregnant. All of a sudden, one of Moore's best buddies was getting ready to settle down.

“Dave and I used to really hit the town hard together. He was my wild running mate. Dave settled down and got married, and about three years ago Dave’s wife told him she was pregnant," Moore recalls in an interview with Country Music Tattle Tale. "I didn’t have a record deal yet, and he was still trying to grind it out with me. He came to me and was like, ‘My wife’s pregnant, and I’ve got a kid on the way, and we need to make this thing happen now.’”

After that conversation, Moore started looking at his guitarist in a different way. Now that Lapsley's wife was pregnant, breaking into the country music scene would have to take a backseat to providing for his family.

“All of a sudden Dave was really serious about providing for this family saying ‘If something doesn’t happen soon I’m going to have to quit playing and go and get a steady job.’ That struck me pretty hard because Dave was my brother," Moore adds. "So, I went in and was talking about it with Dan. Even though I don’t have a wife and kids, it just made me really think about that.”

Kip Moore's 'Hey Pretty Girl' lyrics are simple, but beautiful. In a poetic way, they tell the story of a man and woman falling in love, creating a family and living their entire lives together.

"Life's a long and winding ride / Better have the right one by your side / Happiness don't drag its feet / And time moves faster than you think," Moore sings in the chorus, reminding listeners that settling down with the right person is of the utmost importance.

Those honest lyrics are what has landed 'Hey Pretty Girl' on the Hot Country Songs chart.

“So many times songwriters get in our own way of trying to put it in so many different kinds of ways, that it doesn’t feel relatable for people,” Moore says. “I always try to write it straightforward and speak it.”

Although Moore hasn't settled down with the girl of his dreams yet, 'Hey Pretty Girl' captures his personal feelings about the kind of love that he hopes to find.

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