'Mary Was the Marrying Kind' -- the debut single from new country face Kip Moore -- is rocking and raw, an emotional song that's full of regret for the one who got away.

The song kicks off with descriptions of different "kinds" of girls, like the driven girl, the good friend and the wild one, but it all comes down to Mary, the marrying kind. Moore pleads to his dream girl in a painful outburst, as he asks himself in the chorus:

"Oh Mary, Mary / Couldn't see it at the time / Oh Mary, Mary / How could I have been so blind?"

We don't have an answer for Moore, because with the way the singer describes Mary, she was "nothing like the other girls," and we agree that maybe he should have held on a little tighter. But we can't help but feel for the newcomer, as he makes a sad revelation just past the song's halfway point and blurts out:

"She was something different / I didn't know what I was missing / My best friend proved what I already knew / Mary was the marrying kind."

"It’s the story of what every man in this world goes through at some point," Moore says of the song, which is modeled after a true story from his life. "It’s the story of the one that got away that you should have paid attention to. Every town, every city, everybody knows one."

Even though Moore didn't get his lady in the end, we see nothing but shining lights in his future. 'Mary Was the Marrying Kind' is now available for download on iTunes, and Moore has tour dates lined up that spread across the U.S. from today through August.

Listen to Kip Moore, 'Mary Was the Marrying Kind'