Kip Moore travels all over the world, not only as a touring musician, but just to see the sights. He shared some of the highlights of his recent travels when he stopped by the Taste of Country Nights studio to talk about his new album, Slowheart.

Moore took some time off after wrapping his road schedule last year, hitting the road for Costa Rica, Maui and Utah before ending up in Iceland in March.

"That place is the most powerful, quiet place I've ever been to," Moore says of Iceland. "The solace was pure. It was amazing."

Moore doesn't travel like a celebrity on his journeys, preferring to experience the local culture by staying at hostels and avoiding tourist guides.

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"We were in the middle of nowhere," he recalls. "We would just venture. We'd take a back road and we'd drive three or four hours, not knowing if we were gonna get stuck. We would have to get through some serious stuff. We would end up in these canyons that would blow your mind. We went hiking one night with headlamps at about 2 in the morning through this valley and came upon hot springs that, there's no one around for miles and miles. It was amazing. There was no one there."

Moore also likes to rock climb, and he says those kinds of interests, coupled with his avid surfing, don't always sit well with his management team and label now that he is a valuable business asset.

"I always get a lecture before I go somewhere, like, 'Don't do anything stupid," he admits.

Moore is set to release Slowheart on Sept. 8. The album's first single, "More Girls Like You," is currently at country radio.

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