Simon Cowell called Lakoda Rayne's performance of Taylor Swift's 'You Belong With Me' on Wednesday night's episode of 'X Factor' their "best performance to date." But it remains to be see if it's enough to keep the quartet out of the bottom three. Two contestants will head home on Thursday night, and thus far each singer has brought his or her best.

The country flavored act is still finding their niche, but in recent weeks they've drawn praise from the often critical Cowell. While other contestants each had a few minutes to share a full story of who he's thankful for -- that's the theme tonight -- Lakoda Rayne could only offer mini-vignettes of each of the four girl's inspirations. It remains to be seen if it was enough to make a connection with viewers and voters.

The other judges also complimented the group, with Paula Abdul sobbing uncontrollably for her girls. She squeaked out "the sky is the limit" before host Steve Jones grabbed Lakoda Rayne's attention.

Three of the four could play Swift in a movie, and with the appropriate hair bands and outfits they certainly did their best to draw comparisons to the country star. Their version of 'You Belong With Me' was more along the lines of a pop song, however, void of any fiddle or steel guitar to add country cred.

Watch Lakoda Rayne Perform 'You Belong With Me' on 'X Factor'

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