The first single from Lionel Richie's upcoming album of country duets will be familiar to Shania Twain fans. 'Endless Love' was the song she recorded with Richie during an episode of 'Why Not?' on OWN. It's a song Richie wrote and originally cut with Diana Ross, and that version was named the biggest song duet of all time by Billboard.

It's unfair to compare this version with the original, but impossible not to. The Richie/Twain collaboration lacks the soul that the Motown singer shared with this hitmaker. It's impossible to argue their individual passion, but together there is little chemistry. Instead of blending like peanut butter and jelly, they mix like peanut butter and mayonnaise. Both are wonderful condiments, but together they confuse the taste buds.

"My love, I'll be a fool, for you I'm sure / You know I don't mind / Cause you, you mean the world to me / Oh, I know I've found in you, my endless love," they sing, trading lyrics while sticking close to the original lyrics.

The song builds to an impressive, although slightly exhausting, climax. A little more patience during the early moments would have allowed room to hit the peak and remain there for a few bars without showing strain. "And yes, you'll be the only one / Cause no one can deny / This love I have its fine / I'll give it all to you / My love, my love, my endless love," the couple sings.

Nashville politics limit which song from 'Tuskegee' (in stores March 27) Richie could select as a single. More anticipated duets with singers like Blake Shelton and Darius Rucker would require two separate labels to agree, something that hasn't happened since before Richie released this song the first time. There is clearly plenty left in both of these artists' careers, but this pairing is a sentimental album cut at best.

2.5 Stars

Listen to Lionel Richie, Feat. Shania Twain's 'Endless Love'

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