Luke Combs is gearing up for a month of shows in New Zealand and Australia as part of his 2023 World Tour, but back home, even bigger things are brewing.

The singer's wife Nicole is nearing nine months pregnant, meaning there are just a few weeks to go until her due date. She's expecting the couple's child sometime in September, meaning that Combs should return from his Australian tour leg before she gives birth — but it's cutting things close, especially since Australia is so far away from the couple's home in Tennessee.

In an Instagram Q&A with fans, Nicole explained that in the event she does go into labor early, Combs isn't planning on canceling his Australian dates.

"It's around 20 hours to get back from Aus if he got on a plane immediately lol. So no," she says, replying to a question about whether an early delivery might impact some of the concerts.

Combs will play his last Australian show on Aug. 26. From there, he's got no more dates on the books until Sept. 30, when he'll head back overseas for dates in Scandinavia, France and more. The World Tour will wrap in October with two stops at London's O2 Arena.

Nicole goes on to explain that she's hopeful the timing will work out, and that she'll give birth during Combs' month off the road.

"I'm not due until after he gets back [from Australia], so I'm trying really hard not to go into early labor," she says. "With [our first child] Tex, I was doing everything in my power to get him out & he was a day early."

Nicole Combs Instagram
Nicole Combs Instagram

During her Q&A, Nicole also answered another parenting-related question about whether she and Combs plan to have more children after their second is born.

"I'll let you know after I have this one," she says.

Combs and his wife announced that they were expecting their second child — another baby boy — back in March. That means they're joining the two-under-two club, since their oldest son, Tex, turned one year old in June.

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