Morgan Frazier plays Dorothy to the men she comes upon in her major label debut single 'Yellow Brick Road,' but she's hardly the shy, nervous character from the famous narrative. The 'Wizard of Oz' metaphor that drives this rocker is a clever way for the 19-year-old to get noticed, but the power of her voice is what will ultimately impress country music fans.

Frazier is the type of singer who will have to learn how and when to rein in her vocals when the time comes. It's not just the strength, it's the confidence behind each note that's captivating. The blonde hardly seems like the type of woman who'd waste much time with the foolish scarecrow, cowardly lion or no-good tin man, but her performance is anything but insincere.

"He was a down home cutie with a farm boy smile / Big blue eyes like the Kansas sky / He sat down beside me and we talked a bit / I told him my dreams, he told me his / It became so clear with every word he said / That boy didn't have a brain in his head," she sings to open the song. The production is somewhat generic, with only a slow saw from a fiddle stepping forward to catch one's ear.

Lyrically, Frazier has found a new way to tell a familiar story. Nothing about 'Yellow Brick Road' comes across as campy or cartoonish. Instead she paints vivid pictures of each guy she meets, and in just a few words, describes his deficiency.

"He had long blonde hair and a souped up Ford / Pulled up in the drive with a mighty roar / He played a good game, acted so tough / Had me believing that it could be love / But he tucked his tail between his legs / When it came to commitment he was scared to death."

Morgan Frazier is a newcomer to country radio, but you'll find she's far from green after viewing her meet-the-artist video. 'Yellow Brick Road' isn't the type of song that will leave a deep impression for years to come, but it's a fine professional effort from a singer who's sure deliver many more creative expressions.

Listen to Morgan Frazier, 'Yellow Brick Road'