Old Dominion celebrated a Gold record on Monday (Feb. 27) in Nashville and dressed up for the occasion.

"Gold glitter beards for the gold record party!" the band writes on Instagram as frontman Matthew Ramsey, guitarist Brad Tursi and bassist Geoff Sprung show off their shiny facial jewels.

The band celebrated the major milestone at Tennessee Brew Works in Nashville with friends, family and members of the music industry over country-themed beers and Southern cuisine. While the Old Dominion bandmates stood on stage on the main floor and received their Gold-certified plaques, they thanked all those in attendance for Meat and Candy's success. The album saw a two-week No. 1 hit with debut single "Break Up With Him," Sony Nashville's most streamed song of 2016 with "Snapback" and second No. 1 hit with "Song for Another Time."

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"This is amazing. We never really expected this, a Gold record, our debut record. There's a lot of people in here that made it happen, and we're truly grateful for our families, our management company, our label, for getting behind a ridiculous thing like this," Ramsey said, pointing to the album's cover art. "Everyone has had nothing but support for us for every crazy idea that we've had for this album, and we're so grateful for that."

He then got nostalgic, thinking of every musician's dream the first time he or she picks up an instrument.

"When you pick up a guitar or drums or music, all you want to do is be heard, and everyone in this room gave us that shot," he reflects. "People are hearing the music, and a Gold record is evidence that a lot of people are hearing it, and we're excited about this, and we're excited about the next step. So, thank you."

After posing for cameras and handing their plaques over to their children for another photo, Old Dominion played their forthcoming single off their yet-to-be-announced sophomore album. Titled "There's No Such Thing as a Broken Heart," it will be the lead track off the release. Watch the band perform the sweet power ballad below.

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