A clever song needs a clever music video, and Old Dominion nail it with their latest country-pop jam "Shoe Shopping."

Collaborating once again with Director Steve, a favorite of the band, Old Dominion use their latest clip to tell an unconventional love story that revolves around footwear.

The song, written by OD singer Matthew Ramsey, bandmate Trevor Rosen and Shane MacAnally, is a double entendre about how searching for love is like searching for shoes. It's another fresh concept from Old Dominion that's backed with credible lyrics: "Some don't last the way they should / Some make you feel good for a little while / And then you throw 'em away / Some are up on a shelf for some other time / Some are high dollar / Some ain't worth a dime / But you keep 'em anyway."

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The video strengthens that concept by creating a love story that takes the viewer from the beginning of a relationship all the way to engagement, marriage and even raising kids. It's not a mind-bending idea until one realizes the story is completely told with feet. Of course, Ramsey and his bandmates make a few appearances in the video as well, but they're merely a sidebar to all those kicks.

"Shoe Shopping" is a part of Old Dominion's new album, Happy Endings, which is set for an Aug. 25 release. However, fans already have access to three of the project's songs  -- "No Such Thing as a Broken Heart," "Written in the Sand" and "Shoe Shopping" --  via iTunes and streaming services.

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