Old Dominion takes a trip to the skate park for their new video, “Snapback.”

The guys bring their instruments to the bottom of a skate bowl and start serenading with their charming humor and good-natured smiles. It’s not long before they end up at a party in a wood-paneled basement, leading a singalong with the party-goers.

The summery, pop-punk infused feel of the song is mirrored perfectly in the sunny coastal day and house party, as Matthew Ramsey shares the mic with a girl donning a backward skater cap — a snapback, of course. The crowd joins in for the catchy refrain of “whoa”s until the video ends with a quiet skyline. Well, it kind of ends. The last scene is a blooper featuring one of the band members trying his hand at a skateboard trick and failing miserably — a testament to the band’s ever-present sense of fun.

“Snapback” is a flirty attempt at picking up a girl, perhaps one the narrator has met, perhaps not. Either way, it’s a lighthearted approach to getting a pretty girl to notice him. The song is the second single from their debut full-length album, Meat and Candy, which also produced the lead-off hit “Break Up With Him.” Released in November 2015, the record has helped Old Dominion become one of the hottest new country acts, particularly due to their unique style and approach to the genre. “Break Up With Him” hit No. 1 on the Billboard U.S. Country Airplay charts and No. 3 on the Billboard U.S. Country charts.

Check out the guys of Old Dominion in the video above for “Snapback.” The band are currently on their Meat and Candy Tour before heading overseas for the C2C festival in the UK.

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