These days when Parker McCollum pulls up to a show, he can be found in his brand new, custom-designed tour bus.

The singer shared a video tour of the new bus in early March, showcasing a sleek, modern design with white floors that feature a marbled look. The rest of the bus follows a white/taupe/gray color scheme, with stainless steel appliances in the kitchen and gold accents in the bathroom.

The luxurious home on wheels is certainly pristine now, but one may wonder how it will fare when the wear and tear of the road begins to show. McCollum tells Taste of Country Nights' Evan Paul he's not worried about keeping the bus clean.

"It's pretty easy," he says of cleaning the bus. "I've got a Dyson that charges at all times up at the front, and I stay on it, man. I try to be real organized, and it gets a little messy at times, but I keep it pretty OG."

The singer also shared one specific rule he has for anyone who enters the bus — especially after muddy fair or festival shows.

"Better take them shoes off before you get up on that bus," he says. "One hundred percent. There will be a mat for your shoes."

McCollum is certainly a pro at keeping his bus clean, but, as he reveals in the interview, that tidiness also extends to his home life with wife, Hallie. He says he's often on dish duty at home, and it's a chore he takes seriously.

"I like all the plates to be clean before they're put in there," he says. "It's easier on the dishwasher — it's less grime and food it's gotta deal with. I like it real organized."

"We're very clean, very organized. Most of the time," he adds.

McCollum is on tour throughout the spring and summer. He's also on the brink of another No. 1 song with "Handle on You," and he will drop his Never Enough album on May 12.

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